Silent | President | 2021

Previous Positions

  • Pledge Mistress | 2019-2020

  • Co-Pledge Mistress | 2018


Full Member | Member Since October 2017

Line | 1st Line


In 2005 silent answered a call for a photoshoot and discovered an awakening in her soul - deep slave tendencies and a strong desire to engage in consensual power exchange relationships.  She also quickly recognized that success in the Lifestyle first required a fearless drive to strip the many layers of habits, conditioning, and societal expectations in order to develop an authentic and healthy relationship with self.  This self-exploration became her personal Quest.


Silent, a proud native New Yorker, has been active in the local NYC scene and at a multitude of events up and down the East Coast.  These activities, her consistent pursuit of a healthy honest relationship with self, and carefully surrounding herself with authentic, like-minded people who accentuated her Hunger for More all led her to embrace not only the Issues and Triumphs of Women of Color in the Lifestyle and M/s dynamics but also polyamory, kink, and bisexuality.


However, despite the hundreds of events, classes, conferences, and all that the NYC community offered silent never quite found a connection with a group or organization that fed her core.  As the years went on, a spark grew in her to make more of a tangible difference in the Lifestyle community, and in 2017 she founded a monthly NYC munch for s-types as well as became the first sister to join the newly formed ONYX Pearls NY/NE chapter.


Silent served as the ONYX Pearls NY-NE Pledge Mistress for over two years with a focus to bring genuine, thoughtful, and inspiring individuals into the Leather/ONYX Pearls Lifestyle.  Her positive nature and ever present smile smoothed the way for many pledges even on their toughest days with her consistent support and encouragement of growth, harmony, and success. 


As ONYX Pearls NY-NE’s 2021 President, Silent believes that each Chapter Member has a wealth of skills and talents.  Under her leadership she plans to encourage us to achieve ALL that is possible within our hearts and minds and create the promise of our collective potential.  “If we each put in the work, pull TOGETHER, and actively, responsibly collaborate with one another we will take ONYX Pearls NY-NE to the NEXT Level!” 


With this idea in mind, Silent’s vision for 2021 is to build a strong, accountable board and to expand opportunities to educate, support, and empower each of our Sisters, so they can also lead in big ways and small, and make a strong difference in our community.

Phoenix Onyx | Vice President | 2021

Previous Positions

  • Secretary | 2020


Full Member | Member Since Nov 2019

Line | Three the HARD way 


Phoenix, beautiful and black, bisexual and poly, kinky and leather woman, with a preference of she/her for pronouns. Her evolution began on the beautiful island of Barbados to where she now resides in New Jersey.


Her introduction to the lifestyle came from some closest to her, the Men of Onyx. Her Brothers began her journey attending lots of events with introductions to many people piquing her interest about the lifestyle and much

more. She credits her Onyx Brothers for the opportunity to explore a world she knew existed but never thought she could be a part of, and now she has been in the lifestyle for three (3) years.


As a sex positive, open minded woman in the community, Phoenix’s most favored kinks are fisting and flogging. While she identifies as a submissive, there is no question that she is strong. As she continues to explore the more

intricate parts of the lifestyle and community, she has also participated in several significant events. Her focus is mainly on leather events especially those to support her ONYX Pearls Sisters and ONYX Brothers.


Phoenix’s evolution continued with becoming a full member of the Onyx Pearls NY/NE chapter and being a part of Three the Hard Way Line of November 2019. During this short time, she has learned, contributed, devoted, and grown in the organization.


Now the 2021 Vice President of the ONYX Pearls NY/NE chapter she plans to use her platform to help build relationships with other Sisters and Brothers within the family of ONYX chapters. She looks to build a strong alliance between the BDSM lifestyle community and those outside of it. Ultimately her goal is to lead the Onyx Pearls NY/NE chapter to be of service to our communities and a support and an ally for those in need with an emphasis on

facilitating education to the organization and community.

Red | Secretary | 2021

Full Member | Member Since June 2018

Line | 2nd Line


Red is a Black/Hispanic, Bisexual, Non-Monogomous, Leather Woman who graciously stepped into the scene 6 years ago. Red’s first event was Weekend Reunion 2017 with her soon-to-be ONYX Pearl Sister.  Red’s pronouns are She/her. She was born and raised in NYC and now lives in Bronx, NY. 


Red has identified as a submissive in the past but is currently evolving much in her life. Red has been under the mentorship and is in service to Master Kane for some time now.  She proudly wears His collar as His owned property. Red’s kinks are wax play, flogging, and spanking. She absolutely loves to bite and be bitten! Red loves to have her mind stimulated in play and in life.


Red has been an ONYX Pearl since 2018 and has since volunteered to bring bar nights and munches together, and has helped the Chapter show up and show out for Folsom Street Fair in NYC.  Red has also volunteered and walked with the Leather Contingency at Pride NYC for 3 years.  Red loves her Sisters and Siblings and is a true embodiment to the meaning of Sisterhood. 


Red really enjoys being at home with a good book with a glass of wine. As a laid back gal she lives for a good conversation with new people she meets. She believes in helping others in any way she can.  Red knows there is much to be learned in this lifestyle, and she hopes to learn all she can, so that someday she can pay it forward by teaching others her life lessons.

Ezulie | Pledge Mistress | 2021

Previous Positions

  • Co-Pledge Mistress | 2020


Full Member | Member Since Mar 2019

Line | Fifth Wave 


Ezulie is a body positive, sex positive, pro fro queer,  non-binary Woman of Color that belives in empowering others with the use of BDSM.  Ezulie is a kink educator and poly love coach that believes in making education accessible to everyone and understands connecting folks to useful resources to ensure safer play is necessary.  She has been active in the community for 5 years learning skills on FemDom, Fire Top, impact play, and sensory deprivation. As an Onyx Pearl, Ezulie embodies the mission of her sisterhood by providing education and community for Kinsters of Color to enrich their own journey.  As Pledge Mistress, Ezulie supports women finding their power, voice, and self love to sexually liberate themselves through centering their pleasure, divine femininity, and purpose in the Leather Community.

Deedee | Road Captain & Promotional Representative| 2021

Previous Positions

  • Promotional Representative | 2020


Full Member | Member Since Nov 2019

Line | Three the HARD way 


Deedee is a Afro-Latina, Queer, Poly, Cis Woman, Leather Cat. Deedee’s pronouns are she/her, and sometimes cat. She has been part of the scene since 2010. Deedee was born and raised in the Bronx NY and currently lives in Brooklyn NY with her Master.


DeeDee identifies as a slave and a sadomasochist Cat and is a proud slave of Sir Wu of House of Wu.  Her kinks can differ depending on her mood... sometimes she’s under the paddle sometimes she holds the paddle! Her kinks involve, impact play, rope bondage, pet play, blood play, needle play, and watersports.  


Deedee has been providing service as the Promotional Representative of the ONYXPearls NY-NE, where she has been working hard behind the scenes with her committee to help improve the Chapter Markets events, helping to provide very valuable help and information to the Road Captan Team and the Chapter as a whole. 


Deedee has a deep profound love for the community and her chosen family and shows it by the service she provides. She is part of LICK (Leather Identified Cats and Kittens) a fairly new and upcoming safe place made for Felines who are part of the Leather community. 

Deedee is also a part of MAsT Metro NY and Co-Host & Creator of Leather & Leaf StoryTime. She has attended and volunteered at other events like MsC, Weekend Reunion Events, Nocturnia, MsG, Flame Conference. 


Outside of kink & Leather, Deedee is a Catering Chef for a Corporate Company in NYC. She is passionate about baking, cooking, and learning about history, and mental health. She loves to garden, read, and LOVES to watch back to back documentaries.  She is a fur mom to a beautiful Pitbull named Blue