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Kaddan Yue

I have more than 30 years experience of living the lifestyle. I spent three years of my life "training from the bottom up" to become the third generation of my Leather Family's line to come from that style of training. I currently have a Household with a mix of babygirls, slaves and property.

I hold a Professional Human Services Degree (with emphasis on Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy). The forensic populations I worked with included violent offenders, those with mental health issues and those with HIV/AIDS, both on Federal and state levels. Now that I am retired from that aspect of my life, I am able to focus on the M/s community and volunteering. I am currently a member of MAsT Metro NY.

I use a platform called Second Life (SL) to facilitate lifestyle related discussions at my education-focused Master and slave venue, The Art of Submission (AOS). In 2011 I saw the need to think outside the box, and using the social platform of Second Life, I decided to broaden the definition of the BDSM community. After doing research and attending many discussions in SL I began to feel that there was something missing within the BDSM SL community and that the Master and slave dynamic was misrepresented and misinterpreted. I identified a gap in the BDSM groups and from this the idea of The Art of Submission was born and developed. The AOS venue can be found in Second Life and what makes it unique is that all the facilitators are active to some extent in their Real Life Community. I can understand that some look down on any platform other than Real Life, but it does not mean other platforms cannot be used for introductory information concerning the BDSM community. Second Life is one of the ways that many use to explore D/s and M/s, therefore whether we like it or not it is a reality and I was taught that service can have many faces. The question is: are you open minded?


Audi Kristan Yue

Greetings all, my name is Audi Kristan. I have been exploring the lifestyle now for about 10 years. I started off with reading, talking to people and attending local munches. Later I found a mentor that I still am friends with. For the past 8 years I explored the lifestyle, mainly M/s, in second life where my education into the lifestyle blossomed.

For the past 6.5 years, I have been blessed enough to be able to train with and now be owned by Master Kaddan Yue. In my service to Master Kaddan I do photography, graphic editing, business management, marketing, web design, and community outreach by helping educate people about the lifestyle. I am also a Major Domo for Master Kaddan's household where I strive to build knowledge in this area.

I am currently the manager of The Art of Submission, where i facilitate on Friday evening and serve as backup facilitator when needed. I am very blessed to be allowed to service my community in this manner.



I have been asked what is it about BDSM that I enjoy. My answer has been, I enjoy the erotic power exchange and the exploration of my senses and that of my play partner or my own slave. I also enjoy the freedom that BDSM allows people to experience.  I am a very serious man when it comes to this lifestyle. I have seen too many people get hurt mentally and physically in this lifestyle not to take it seriously. You see, when I own a slave or play with someone I am asking her to trust me with her heart, body and mind, therefore I take her trust as a responsibility and I take my responsibilities very, very seriously. I have been described by submissive and slave friends of mine that know me very well as a very, very strict protocol driven, Old-Guard Master that has sadistic passions. I am all of those things and so very much more.

Director of Operations/Facilitator

Morticia DeVaux Yue

I joined the House of Yue in 2013 as a trainee and have spent my time learning about self development and the Master/slave lifestyle as practiced by Master Kaddan. I had been dabbling on the edge of what i wanted for approximately 10 years online in a variety of places, yet it took finding my current Household to find a path that was more suited to my service wishes. By facilitating at AOS, i am aiming to offer relaxed and friendly discussions to those wishing to explore service and power exchange dynamics, and to provide a platform for information sharing and resources. I feel very strongly that the online community is a great place to start learning, exploring, and discovering what's out there, as well as being a feasible way to engage in TPE and M/s relationships.



Princess is a real life educator who has worked with students aged 5 - 55 during her 25 years in education and has focused on working with underserved populations and in urban settings.  She possesses a B.S. in Education, an M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction and Teacher Leadership, and is a doctoral student pursuing a Ph. D. in Educational Leadership, as well as working full time in Higher Education Administration at a major U.S. University.  She also works as a consultant to universities, school districts and non-profit organizations as a grant writer and in program and staff development.


Her journey in M/s began about 3 years ago in Second Life, when she was purchased from an auction house by her first Master, a lifestyle veteran who trained her for a year as a slave.  Later in her journey, she began to additionally  identify as a non-ageplay, adult babygirl, and has begun integrating her lifestyle choice into her real life for the past year.  She is currently working on her knowledge about the lifestyle and in developing herself personally and as a slave before she seeks a Master (or DaddyMasterHusband *smiles*).  Princess attended the Master/slave conference in Washington, D.C. in 2013.  She is currently unowned.


Princess has been facilitating sub, slave and open discussions in Second Life for over 2 years  at various sims that focus on real life BDSM.  She enjoys sharing what she is learning on her journey to assist others in their own self-reflection and growth.


Xykiel Yue (The Boy)

I learned about the lifestyle over 5 years ago through Second Life and immersed myself in learning about it, and the role it would play in my life and I in the lifestyle. The lifestyle struck a chord in me and seemed to make all the loose pieces floating around in me fit for a change.  After entering it in real life, 2 ½ years ago, and making many mistakes in the transition, I have now embarked on a deeper journey along the Leather path, under the tutelage of Master Kaddan. Although I identified myself as a Dominant when I entered the lifestyle, I have now taken on the role of boy, to start my journey to becoming a Master. 


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