About The Art of Submission


The Art of Submission, also known as AOS for short, is a non-profit Second Life based group which focuses mainly on the Master and slave Dynamic.  The goal of AOS is to provide both education and services for those wanting knowledge, from the basics to advanced beliefs, concepts and issues facing the M/s Community.
Aside from open discussions facilitated by Kaddan Yue, there are also several members of Her Leather household, and extended family and friends, that provide different perspectives and services in the AOS group. Audi Kristan (Manager) facilitates open discussions weekly. Master Dark Eros holds the Sunday Morning Club, a more relaxed setting where people can get to know each other. Morticia facilitates two open discussions per week, one focusing on personal decisions, morals and values and one looking at philosophical questions within the realm of power exchange dynamics.
We are currently working on adding more staff so we can continue to expand our educational outreach to the community.


© 2019 by Audi Yue.

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